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Reviews for "The Falling Man"

Maybe the things to avoid should be something other than hearts? The first time I played I thought I was supposed to collect the hearts to catch up and the things to avoid would turn up later.

Also I want to know how they survived in the good ending.

Rixium responds:

The falling is Metaphorical :)

i love games about love! Cool!

Rixium responds:


It´s a bit hard and I from the beggining couldn´t understand the love game is reverse and you shouldn´t collect hearts. but the plot: two skeletons fall in love then there is the earthquake and they jump to commit suicide. in the end he catches her and together they drown in the ocean. just perfect.

Rixium responds:

Haha, perfect

Nice Soundtrack!! Thanks for adding the name of this piano piece

lol. At the end I thought their hands where censor bars. I was like wtf? Good game.