Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 2"

I like Goku freaking out at what a monster Broly is and for them bringing him there. Ummm pretty sure freiza, cell, and majin buu were far greater monsters then him haha

Great job neways :) the animation was pretty simple but the artwork nearly matched the show's! nice voice cast too!

Gohan and Goten: *After the ending* *Both of them do trollface*

most awesome series remind me when you make episode 3

This was just awesome. I have couple of suggestions though. The crowd. Draw it if possible, it's much better than just the blur. And make an opening or something, series as cool as this needs an opening.

bocodamondo responds:

immposible. if i actualy try to draw crowd it will take me FOREVER to finish an episode

This is so good.