Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 2"

Ahh, fun ^^. Great job guys. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see more ^^.

I understand that you are the only one that worked on this but from what I saw it was a great edition to the series. I hope you make more soon I look forward to it.

I like how you made a continuation to the DBZ show. I liked the show and your version of what comes next in the series is very good.

Must.. see.. more..

This is amazing! Graphics wont matter!

Great music, nice history and great Voice actors!

(Although there are a few errors in the subtitles like people changed to peploe)

Other than that, this is really freaking great!

This is shaping up rather nicely. Only a few things off but those can easily be overlooked as this is a pretty decent "what if" scenario. Good picks for the voices also. Spelling was still off but the voice actors fixed that just fine.

the plot was really cool, the voice acting was mostly good, and the animation was good except for when their were fight scenes