Reviews for "Incident:110A"

Anyone else think that the Deagle that Jesus used in the beginning was the one he used in MC2 & 4? How he got the second one, I'll never know. Perhaps he had 2 all along? Anyways, awesome job as always, Krinkels! I think this is the best Incident yet! Loved the easter egg after the supposed "end"! Keep up the good work!

man this is pretty much the game,exept hacked

and jesus is a BAUS with those dual D.E

Dude that was awesome but here's a suggestion how about auditor is star of the new incident ?,please make it happen if you can doit on jesus why not on the auditor ?,ohhhh nice real nice i swear i won't miss any of you're movie and im super excited about the Madness Combat 11!!!!

So boss.... I am spechless