Reviews for "Incident:110A"

Fuck the guy who says madness sucks, he has no talent at all! GO KRINKLES



Are you fucking serious? No true originality? Madness Combat is NOT a sprite animation that involves 100% tweening. Each and every movement you're seeing on that screen was made PIXEL BY PIXEL ON ADOBE FLASH. Those hand movements; they were moved CENTIMETER BY CENTIMETER TO PERFECTION. And you're saying the most basic of animators can do this? Man, get you're facts right; this takes a ton of patience to achieve and finish. Otherwise, just don't even comment at all.

Krinkels had spent ten long years of his life dedicated to Tom and the crew as well as all Madness Combat fans to enjoy his work. And, unlike most other animators, he's still going strong. That's something to be proud about, which is why Madness Combat has become the great thing all of us enjoy.

I really cannot express my anger any further than this to your comment, for the moderators may (and will most likely) remove my comment. But if you're reading this killa, just don't say anymore of your nonsensical bullcrap and leave. You're four and a half stars short of a reasonable rating for this awesome creation.

The Faggot Below me is a Faggot wich is jealous on this amazing artwork of awesomness

It`s awsome, time passes, but not the madness!!!