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Reviews for "ET Excursion 4"

My god. I have been waiting forever. You truly delivered too. Best episode yet.

This was so good! (Except for the girl voice-she must speak lauder! )

Wow this is pretty good! I gotta see this series! Its like Invader Zim, Grim Adventures and a dash of Destroy all humans, that alien kinda reminds me of Crypto cause from what iv seen of this he can be threatening and has a mean hologram superior plus when he was all like "Mortal hack person" I couldnt help but to think of Zim.

5 Stars!

EVanimations responds:

Hmmm never played Destroy All Humans. I'll look into it!

EDIT: Wow. Crypto from Destroy All Humans has a hologram superior named Pox, and Xleek from ET Excursion has a hologram superior named Trox. It seems like the only difference between the two is the first few letters of their names, one is green, and the other has wires sticking out of his head and is voiced by Richard Horvitz.

This wouldn't be the first time I unwittingly made one of my works similar to another. *cough cough Beauty is Humanity*

This episode, as is standard for your series, is phenomenal.
I especially like the subtle scene at 3:52 that illustrates just how desperate this dystopian future is: he turns the lights on for the entire city. Electricity rationing.
It makes sence that a technological society springing weakly from unfertile dirt be able to produce enough power to keep the lights and hydroponic farms going 24 hours a day. The mayor is partially a douchebag by necessity.

bad ass