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Reviews for "ET Excursion 4"

When back and watched them all from the beginning. HUGE step up! Looks amazing, love the characters and the animation style. Keep up the great work!

Lucky I can still remembered what happened & who they are, because the new voice might had thrown me far off than it should. The pacing seems off for a bit since last time we saw them on the ship & directly cut to them being held captive without showing how they got boarded & how the 3 got separated. I kind of not get why would Xleek tell the mayor his mission instead of some more subtle options, wouldn't that ruin the timeline or compromise his mission or something? Well, I'm looking forward to see how the later episodes ties this loose end up.

EVanimations responds:

Well... about the intro, I tried to make it apparent that some time had passed since the end of the last episode. Even then, I included what had happened in Dictatus's rant (Brian breached containment, Xleek blew stuff up, Meredith resisted arrest), leaving the intermittent events up to the audience's collective imagination.

About Xleek's voice change, you'll get used to it.

I can't answer your question concerning Xleek's reasoning behind making those threats yet, those are for the next episode. ;)

Great work, man. I've been waiting for this for quite a while. My only hangup was what happened that resulted in the three protagonists getting locked up. It looked like the pretty much had the drop on the Mayor, bluff or no bluff.

EVanimations responds:

Mayor Dictatus doesn't mess around. Besides, in the script there was a scene where Xleek explained why he couldn't kill him.

I removed that part because:
1. It completely ruined the pacing.
C. I wanted to raise some questions that would be answered later in order to add to the cliffhanger.

Thanks for the review!

My god. I have been waiting forever. You truly delivered too. Best episode yet.

This Series Evolved Exponentially:

The flash's animation, the graphics, and the voice-acting were all phenomenal and improved by leaps and bounds from its predecessors. Granted, it's shying away from the original humorous approach, but replacing it with decent suspense, an intriguing plot, and curious characters. Its music compilation deems entirely fitting for the series with the futuristic beats. One minor problem posed is how the episode started and ended, leaving viewer guessing those gaps between the beginning's capture and the ending's imprisonment. Still, I can observe your ton of effort and applaud it with a ton of kudos. I only wish I could use a time machine to travel myself into the future to see your next terrific continuation on this series sooner.