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Reviews for "ET Excursion 4"

well it looks great good job guys :)

It is exciting to see this back up again. And it was well done on the cliffhanger. The new voice did got me off gaurd but over time I will get used to it. I am wondering though why did you change the voice, just a change of actors or something. He used to sound like a Stargate gouled and now he new voice sound like Vegeta. The midevil girl seems to be the most believable character in the story as she seems like a simpleton.

The esteem mayor is a Dick. One thing I am wondering is how they can even take down a machine made in 1,000,000 AD. I mean Xleek people are a type three civilization. And this civilization even though in the future does not even seem like a type one. I thought the mayor was a good villain and how he had a short temper. I did not like the trap door with the my As it seem out of place and it did not sound like any of the characters. I also thought the your self and hire a new will only mean to get him an even worse architect especially being sentence to death. Legalism does not work in the long run because at the end you run out of resource to bribe and new means of suffering to extort.

I also will have to say the mayor seems ballsy to call it a bluff. I have a theory of why Xleek did not just kill him and that would be the paradox as well the butterfly effect. He is powerful but at the mercy of paradoxes. It is like Mage the Ascension in that regard they can move and shake heaven and earth and play with the strings of the universe but is that a good idea? Long story short I do not see that as a plot hole.

Looking forward to the next episodes.

EVanimations responds:

This guy. ^ ;)

I changed Xleek's voice because too many people complained that the old one was too hard to understand. You'll get used to it.

As a villain, Esteemed Mayor Dickface is actually incredibly tame compared to some of the later villains I have planned. Villains that are truly terrifying on a cosmic scale.
At the end of the day, Dictatus merely runs a fragile and bare-bones authoritarian civilization. He and his beloved city are literally at the mercy of the blasted world they are on, and he acts out of desperation.

As for why he called Xleek's bluff, you hit the nail on the head. Good job.
Dictatus has a massive presence in the timeline, and destroying that presence could be disastrous.

I'm so happy that this has been restarted! I kindof miss the alien's old voice though.

Supberb improvment from the previous episodes! Animations have grown more sleek and flow together more fluidly. Music and sounds fit well. Above all, the voice work in this epsiode has improved tenfold. There's just the right amount of modulation effect used and great voice acting.

Very well done! Looking forward to the next.

I think the music in the beginning was great! :D
Also the Voices of... well every one. you could actualy hear theres nothing holding it back (no mumbeling)

EVanimations responds:

Haha yes, that was a problem last time wasn't it. NEVER AGAIN