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Reviews for "ET Excursion 4"

good i like this video

A whole year for this! Woah, long time. I suppose I should start watching this series from the beginning rather than jumping in like this, get to know the characters from the start, but even though the characters aren't fully introduced it's easy to get into the action. The voice-acting is great, with both personality and effect for the different characters, and the animation is smooth. The graphics are detailed too, and it looks like plenty of time was spent on lighting/shading and background textures. Elements that wouldn't typically have needed animating, like the flashbacks, are animated as well. looks pretty much like a professional quality cartoon, one you might as well be watching on TV. I like the future human/alien design especially, and the ending speech is pretty empowering. :) Will check out the previous episodes, and look forward to the next one! Nice work!


Ah, the animation seems smoother, that's for sure. The opening draws the reader in and intrigues us, wishing us to learn more as soon as possible...and then BAM! Mecha-robot things capturing a medieval woman in the future with robo-centurions that have opti-eyes! This cartoon got AWESOME.

In fact, the setting kinda reminded me of Mega City 1, from Judge Dredd. Though that might be deliberate.

And poor Sleek. He goes from dork to absolute badass in ten seconds...only to have it for just ten more seconds, then get tossed into a jail with his buddies. Evidently the mayor is better at seeing through bluffing bull than he thought. This is DEFINITELY a big upgrade from the last cartoons.

It takes quite some time to make each episode, but I guess it's worth the wait!

Commenting on...

"It's a little more complicated than that X)
Time travel, remember?"

He still could've killed him.....and then undone it (along with every other mistake in the series) with the time machine. Your series has too many unrealistic loopholes.....

Other than that the animation is great.

EVanimations responds:

"Other mistakes"? The series only just started, this is the 4th episode! They haven't even made any other mistakes yet, all we have so far is one successful mission involving some primitive apes! We still have yet to establish the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey time travel rules! :(

First off, the Time Machine is being screwed around with. We don't know if it still even works. There was a whole 2 seconds of dialogue dedicated to pointing that out.
Second, Xleek killing Dictatus, then stopping himself from killing Dictatus wouldn't accomplish anything, and in fact would be really, REALLY counter-productive. I mean come on. Besides, if you could just undo mistakes using time travel without some kind of risk, there would be no series. Boom. You just dashed my hopes and ambitions. Happy?

Not yet covered: Important people shouldn't be killed because the Timeline is subject to change. Disastrous repercussions, yadda yadda. Considering this dude is keeping human civilization afloat, murdering him would be catastrophic.

Murder = bad
Death Threats = fine

That was supposed to be included in the script, but if I took the 1 minute to explain it, it would've ruined the pacing. Now people won't shut the hell up about the supposed plot hole. Ngyah.

Thanks for the review!