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Reviews for "ET Excursion 4"

wow this just may be the best animation i've ever seen, you should try making this an actually tv series, i would definitely watch it

I would say this consept is so good it could be sould for 50'000$ if you get more character develupment, this would easly reach a 10 Episode 20Min series with max quality. or a Movie!

wow you are really gifted at making animations,
that is the best i've seen and i watch a lot of videos.


This episode, as is standard for your series, is phenomenal.
I especially like the subtle scene at 3:52 that illustrates just how desperate this dystopian future is: he turns the lights on for the entire city. Electricity rationing.
It makes sence that a technological society springing weakly from unfertile dirt be able to produce enough power to keep the lights and hydroponic farms going 24 hours a day. The mayor is partially a douchebag by necessity.