Reviews for "Darkest Knight: Batman"

Good animation and comedy. For some reason though I just didn't care for the voice acting, sounded a bit obnoxious.

This is an absolutely 5 stars!

OMFG..........that was hilarous!!! I thought the artwork was definitely right on. Great voice acting!! I was really not expecting that at all!!! Freaking bad ass!!! Added to my FAVs

Okay.... didn't see that coming when I dared to click on it. I like it so thanks. One question: Did you by any chance get some inspiration from Superjail and Cow and Chicken/I.M. weasel? Your Batman's voice reminds me of the transsexual superjail guard. And the focusing on the but region was a prominent feature of The Red Guy and I.R. Baboon. Anyway, great job!