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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

decent game, though the music does not seem to match what is going on

this game is actually kind of fun, although I would add maybe a way that the armor and weapons appear on your character... and the game seems too easy, simply because all you have to do is max out intelligence and use healing and fireball and if you have gear that regenerates mana then your perfectly fine


- Challenging (at first) yet not impossible
- Blowing things up is fun!
- When the game crashes, reloading the page continues at the last level rather than wipe the whole game to the beginning
- Game crashes on me frequently, all Flash files up to date, running Windows 7 64 bit on modern hardware and plenty of ram.

- Gets boring past the first part, because it is impossible to die or lose health. Typical level: Dump 90% of points into lightning, just run past everything spamming the lightning button, kill everything on screen in one shot, win! Rinse, repeat. When I quit, I took all my armor off and noticed that my dodge was at about 1200 percent. Also at this point, my mana never decreases.

- At later levels, most armor items aren't worth picking up. Past about level 25, I couldn't be bothered to pick up armor to look at it for at least the next 50 levels. The defensive stats on the armor don't matter when I'm not getting hit anyway. I was playing with no equipment at all with the same results. For starters, I would greatly reduce the number of armor drops so that the player doesn't have to sort through 50 rusty shortswords to find the one that is worth keeping.

here's an easy guide to killing everything: lightning & pure int... you can easily beat any boss & all enemies by just spamming lightning.. it seems to deal damage as long as it's still on top of an enemy, and since it's a slow moving spell, it deals more damage than the description says, at least in my experience.. good game, could use some form of shop perhaps..

Good, too slow though!. Character speed needs an epic boost.