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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

Unresponsive controls, bad graphics, total Diablo ripoff. The only thing done well was the music. 1/1.

2nd floor of the 2nd area I was placed into a 1x1 square while fighting the boss.

On the 5th level while i was fighting the boss i pulled a lord of the rings and vanished to a 4x4 square with the whole map under me

Really bad,the graphics are horrible,the music is boring,this game isn´t atractive,your weapons and armor don´t apear on your character...And,now the gamers prefer RPGs where you can be a monster,have more magic....Try to follow these "rules" and make another game,I know you can.

everytime you pick up an item the interface is unresponsive you need to click somewhere first before any hotkeys work
enemies were glithcing, they were kinda invisible and when I finally realised what it was that is killing me I had to search the magic spot where to click to kill them... the death animation showed and then the corpse was invisible again.

pathing is ... actually there is no path finding at all

no indicator if something is clickable or not

when going down a level you are either surrounded by 6-8 enemies or none are present...

the aggro is kinda broken... like skelettons far awa start walking towards me when I cast a fireball at them and then suddenly stop again when the fireball flys past them...

levelups in the midst of a fight are a funkiller

graphics are not original