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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

hooked me for an hour.

i would definitely give some indication of which monster is currently targeted.

looting and targeting monsters is such a pain in the ass.

-more musical tracks
-target icon showing what is targeted
-auto attack when attacked
-npc's that you can sell your junk to for gold that you can use to buy potions and gear
-larger hitboxes on loot.

Voted blam because of that blingy animated logo that stays up at top.

Guys, do you remember any SNES/playstation games where the developer's huge animated logo keeps looping at the top of the screen while the game runs? I don't think you have played any games like this back from those days.

To everyone wanted to become a flash developer: please, please, please do not do this.

Reminded me of Diablo I - a game from 1996 I still play and love.

Maybe that's where it all fell wrong for me. Like many people have already stated, targeting system and responsiveness suck bigtime. Aesthetically, the game is also very poor. Can you picture a scary dungeon filled with detailed carving and statues of demons and skeletons, crawling with death and undead monstrosities that is also preceded by green plains, clean gates and fucking flowers? Why am I mercenary trying to gain fame and glory if I'm walking around with a towel excuse for a cape in light coloured clothing?

Also, RPG with no character customization is like sex without... sex. Role Playing Games are essentialy made to play or incorpore a role - and the more you can make that role your own, the more you'll come to enjoy it. Character classes and different styles for each class are the bare minimum to expect.

Still, the game has something to it. Maybe with some more work you could turn this piece into something very interesting.

Keep polishing it and let us see your results. :)

PS: Nice soundtrack, by the way.

The targeting system is horrendous. The combat is boring. The menus are intrusive. The graphics are muted and uninteresting. I'm constantly clicking the giant website logo by accident when trying to target an enemy, which is extremely annoying. It'd be nice to be able to do something with our old gear besides toss it aside. And I managed to accidentally glitch into a small area with no apparent means of escape.
This game is just terrible, boring, and poorly designed.

this game is actually kind of fun, although I would add maybe a way that the armor and weapons appear on your character... and the game seems too easy, simply because all you have to do is max out intelligence and use healing and fireball and if you have gear that regenerates mana then your perfectly fine