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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

first level was pretty fun, but the gaming experience dont go further. No shops ( why do we have loots and so much inventory spaces??) combats animations could be better, lots of glitches and aiming is pretty bad... well...

Invisible skeletons! What the heck?

Fun, but got glitched. Killed dragon on level 5, headed towards the portal to exit, and suddenly I'm in a one square block with no walls and can't go anywhere.

Basically it has the stolen idea for health and mana display from Diablo. Bad targeting system. That top right logo bothers the hell out of me. The Animation is bad. Just poor designed and poor in general.

The game did what it was suppose to, it entertained me. The 2 stars was given because there was no reason to have the inventory that big if all i do is pick up loot than compare and toss the other away. Wish there was like a shop or somthing that you coudl buy potions from and sell your loot.
Went with just pure Dex each lvl up and made sure i had a life/mana steal on hit and i never had to use any spell besides heal once or twice.
The half star was given because when heal got boring and i was dodging 50% i put afew points into lighting and hit 3 once. The the closest 3 monsters died instantly, and i just continued putting them into lighting and run around spamming it.
Overall there needs to be more balance of damage in this game and it would also be nice to have classes since this is a role playing game. Or even customize the charaters look.