Reviews for "NewNuma Parody - I WILLNOT PAY"

\m/ (>.<) \m/

I will listen to this song over and over again. And remember the words.

*looks up in air* OMG!

Holy shit dude!How long did it take to get the words for the song??Shear Brilant!!\x/(>_<)

kick ass

that was so well thought of. its was the perfect parody ever


This is great!! The voice is a little odd, but it is very funny--funnier than the Numa Numa video and the original Numa.

i love parodys

numa numa was great when it first but now its ok. but this was funey. my favorit flash based on numa numa is numa gone wild. another funny one is the newer numa. so now he makes a new, and finaly someone parodies the SONG. great move, this was deffinatly awsome. i see that your pretty good with parodys, so i need not critisize, for you need none. but he's really carging for his video. thats crazy. but enough me rambling. i just watched your video, but the song is a little better. well im not only voting 5 im downloading this song, if thats ok with you.