Reviews for "NewNuma Parody - I WILLNOT PAY"

It was da Schiz-nit

it was even better with the agnry faic

Funny ass shit.

This is more catchy than the real thing. Congratz.

lol, okay

I'm a fan of the numa numa song, but i agree to the song, its good but i wont pay for it, every where you go and its gimme teh money or dunt listen XD good song, ^^


Awesome, I love your music, Joshua22231 and Tacomaster95 can go to hell, and WTF, how can a song get it's ass kicked? Look, <------Current Score

4.30 / 5.00 (+ 0.013) Looks like you guys lose. Cory FTW! =D

Fuck u.

I go with tacomaster95.
numa numa kicks ass man i hope thish song gets its ass kickt