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Reviews for "Love Mass Effect 3 Style"

I really liked it, the way you make chars look familiar to YT episodes called "Scorched Earth" but this one was a bit better, humour was good.

This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the original. I fucking loved it.

About a year late but still funny

Never played Mass Effect, but the animation was solid, the humor was nice, and the ending, well, it was good, but had one flaw.

On Rule34, you need underscores for the search to work.

Other than that, great movie.

Very delightful, just like the first one. And longer to boot, massive plus. A bit of a shame that there was no hilarious dialouge trees to dictate Shep's words but that's cool, he established that he's a Renegade, so we know which way he was going to go anyways. And though it didn't bother me in the first one, it's nice to hear actual women voicing the female characters (exception of Jack). Big bonus that. Anywho, well done, says I! Cheers and whatnot.

tlgmedia responds:

You sir, are a fine young gentleman. Thank you. <3