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Reviews for "Love Mass Effect 3 Style"

You shouldm't fab till you cry lol

Shepard at the end-


As I am not a person who's a fan of "Mass Effect", I didn't understand many of these jokes. That didn't really matter, because they were funny anyway. That shows how someone is truly funny, if they make a parody that even people who aren't fans of the source material can enjoy. My favorite part was probably the end. Yes, I know what that place looks like.

I especially like how awkward, stupid, and desperate Shepard. I imagine "double dip" means have sex with the same person twice. I will say that the animation could be better. If the satire is good enough, it doesn't matter that much. The voices seemed to be in pretty good sync.

Oh the booru sites.. Im still addicted to them.
We'll bang okay? Now it's stuck in my head.. DAMN U MANSLAYER!!!

I liked the quality and delivery of each line. The animation is pretty good. It's pointless, but maybe that's why SISENEGAGESODNETNINAPUS!