Reviews for "Moonlight Senada (remix)"

i am inspired

you have inspired me to make my own remix of this great song.

Totally pulled it man

Man, im all for leaving the classics, some people can just kill a song, but u totally pulled it off. The best classical remix ive ever heard, love it, straight onto my ipod, keep em' comin'!


You sir, are a musical god. You truthfully need to pursue this as a profession. I have never heard a classical remix that good. The ending really struck a cord with me. I worship your musical ability.

If cheshyre went on concert I would pay ALL the money to go... So uhh, do that.

Well, you just took a classic piece of music.
And turned it from what it was.
Into something fucking awesome! I like how you kept the best parts of the original and added your own thing into it! This is a remix!