Reviews for "Moonlight Senada (remix)"

Oh My Gentle Jesus...

alright i have 2 other ppl judgeing this with me so i'ma go first... Dear god... That Was Bueatiful. you did great stickin with the original beat of the moonlight senada and i can respectly say you didn't toy with Beethoven original work and screw with it instead took peices and made an original art from it with your own work... and to top it all off... ending it like you did... i cried man.. ok next person in the room...

M'k that was Stag, this is Circe. Stag said a lot of stuff we talked about before we agreed to post so all i can really say is, i was scared at first but after listening the things for awhile i started to really get into it, and the whole "Dont touch a legend" feeling died. And definately the way you ended it, there were chills. It was perfect. If you have a day job quit because you really need to make a carrier out of this. ^_- over and out

Mickel here, now first off your are...the most greatest person I've ever not so much met but that was great keep it up and I hope to hear more.

anywho, you know our words you've heard our opinion... you gambled with a god... and won... -Stag

cheshyre responds:

You guys rock!!! Knowing that there's people like you out there putting that much thought into a review of a song makes me never want to let you down.

Pretty cool

Haven't heard a remix of moonlight sonata yet. Awesome remix.

Pretty good.

This is a good song overall, even if I could only hear Beethoven at some parts. Nice job!

haha, sweet.

I give you a 10/10 because I adore the song by Beethoven. You mixed it well, but I'm gonna tell you something, make it sound a lot more like the song. Only at some points I could hear the parts from the actual song. Overal, good job :D!

cheshyre responds:

Thanks, I just hate to use too much of the original song because where's the creativity in that??

beethoven does rock... but not this way lol

i havent really listened to moonlight senada enough to know what it sounds like completely. but besides that, i dont think this song should be first on the techno genre. sorry :( brought it down 0.04 points....