Reviews for "Sourcream"

Omg Senpai noticed me! I absolutely love your music keep it up can't wait for version 2

My favourite song
Keep up the good work and make a v2 plz
If someone makes a remix it will not be better than this
i'll give a 5 star

AeronMusic responds:

Version 2 is on the way. Thank you! :D

I absolutely love the melody in this song, I think it could by in one of my favourite songs currently. The production quality is fine, it's not awful, the mixing is probably a little obnoxious. But this is one of the most enjoyable songs in my opinion. Great work! 4.5 stars!

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you! It's not my best mixed song and I know that. Also quite loud compared to what I make now.

This song is very awesome :D love it i gave it 5* keep up the good work aeronmusic! =)

Amazing all parts of the song are good but I love the drop part :D

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you :D