Reviews for "Sourcream"

Amazing song :D, the intro is a bit bad though, but the Dubstep makes up for it :D, 10/10

I actually really enjoyed it. Some quality music right there.

AeronMusic responds:

I am glad! Thanks!

I think the music is good but you could do better I know you can do better

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you (:

I won't talk about this in the context of your other songs, mainly because I haven't heard them.

But all I'd like to say is if this is not your best work, I certainly want to hear more.

I would have rated it 5 stars but I kinda didn't like the ending, but that's just me.

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I could've made a better outro.

The beginning is my favourite part, the lead up to the dubstep part is also pretty cool.
Dubstep parts are just a bit messy, but all the rest is spot on.

Over all, great job :)

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah I know those parts are kinda messy. The dubstep parts were way messier in earlier versions of this song. I'm glad I fixed most of the mixing. (: