Reviews for "Zonic is gay"

I love your style and your facial expressions. It's a nice change from everything else so please keep it up. Also, making the animal prison into a meat grinder is genius. It's nothing extreme but for what it is it's great.

I don't understand why this vid has only 3 stars, it's whacky like most comedy's on newgrounds are. Unfortunately, you probably won't learn any thing from the low scorers since hardly any of them know how to critique well.

golfinho responds:

i eat rviews

Heh, I lolled...

aaaaaah you are trifling with the sonic fanbase... buttmad all 'round.

But anyway, the animation was pretty good for the most part, it's a weird short and that's about it, good job.

This is hilarious, why are people giving this such a low score? Geez!
The animation was outstanding and entertaining, with the music and sound effects along with it, the animation was extremely well done and funny
The facial expressions were hilarious and really did set the scene to make sonic look with a retard
Awesome! Keep it up!

I was honestly impressed with how bad this is. Your art is horribly inconsistent. Everyone makes stupid faces every second. There are constant irritating loops. This makes zero sense. Nothing about this is close to almost funny. I'm genuinely insulted to have had my eyes exposed to this, but I have to remember that not everyone is as talented as me. I'll be creating a tutorial on making flash videos for people like you in the coming weeks. Favorite me so that you can see it and hopefully release a much better video for your next flash.