Reviews for "Zonic is gay"

Nuh-uh. No,no,no,no...no! Not good at all.

no me gusta :C

It seems that I'm the only one who can appreciate a good, relentless mindfucking.

Solid animation.
Unique artwork.
Sonic Shits material.


Honestly I feel a bit generous in giving you a half star because the animation is medicore at best!
But the honest truth, this movie was terrible! and I don't mean in the terrible in the bad and funny way, I mean terrible in the "Oh God, This was bad and I want the five minutes of my life back"
There wasnt a punchline to any of the jokes, What Sonic eats a chili dog made of shit, is that supposed to be some Eco friendly dont eat meat kind of bullshit like your other animations?
This is bad and you should feel bad!

Hey guys, if I make a really shitty flash animation, as long as it's ironic then it's funny, right? Honestly you have been doing this schtik for far too long, please at least to try some form of humor