Reviews for "SATURATE"

eae negro

It was good, but I preferred the first episode. But congratulations on the designs and effects. Good work! Keep it up!

It's fucking amazing man! Congratulations for your job Alu...

Another Daily 1st. Can you handle it? Well, I predict Front Page too.

46 views at the moment, but that's my prediction. :)

Quite a unique spin to the usual stick figures killing each other cliche. A nice, dark, and intriguing story. It's strange, seeing a good story in a stick figure movie. But that's a good thing.

Looking forward to more episodes!

Alucard responds:

Yeah, maybe one day I could start a company and put more animators, drawers and stuff working with me, then we can experience a full body animation. If that's a good thing then thanks, I'm counting with your support for the next episode! Thanks again!