Reviews for "SATURATE"

Best stick animator ever!!! Perfect scenario, perfect moves, perfect sound selection and efects!
This move is so exciting! Thanks for sharing this piece of art! I am your fan, but in first place, i consider you a brother, blood brother! Congratss


Votei 5, mas sua anima merece mais que isso, no minimo um 10

Curti Muito a cinematica da Luta estilo Bruce lee, os efeitos em 3D que foram bastante para uma anima Stick 2D, a historia, sonorização perfeita e o Clima sombrio dos cenários

Velhinho...Valew apenas esperar...Show de bola Alucard


Good cinematics, ilumination, textures and a story with taste of "i Want more..." ... Congratulations!Nice Work!

Another Daily 1st. Can you handle it? Well, I predict Front Page too.

46 views at the moment, but that's my prediction. :)

Quite a unique spin to the usual stick figures killing each other cliche. A nice, dark, and intriguing story. It's strange, seeing a good story in a stick figure movie. But that's a good thing.

Looking forward to more episodes!

Alucard responds:

Yeah, maybe one day I could start a company and put more animators, drawers and stuff working with me, then we can experience a full body animation. If that's a good thing then thanks, I'm counting with your support for the next episode! Thanks again!