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Reviews for "Ultimate Death Trap III"

It's irritating. Pretty graphics and idea, but you need to rewrite code for all the castle part. Bellows won't work on the bucket anymore, furthermore when you pick them and open the "toolshed" again, well, they're still there. So I'm stuck. And irritated :D . Please solve the glitches!

what? soon after i got the cloth and tried to but it on the thing there was a glitch and it restarted! ahhhhh what? It was frustrating but it was enjoyable up until that, plus i really loved the animation. Iam trying not to be a jerk i just really got into the game, i really liked it, but PLEASE fix the glitch i want to play! :)

I would give a higher rating however there is a major glitch in the game, one you use the bellows to get water from the barrle the game resets/.

wow!it game is cool!

i used the bellow to get the water and the game reset wtf