Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

Very awesome. GREAT JOB <333333333333333 MAKE ME MORE !!!!!!!!!

And I tell ya what people, MAKES A GREAT WINDOWS DREAMSCENE!!
I converted and uploaded here anyone can access free:
http://philopian.com/downloads/dreams cenes/Flow%20%20The%20Beauty%20of%20I nk.wmv
To enable dreamscene on windows 7, I put that up too here: ^________^
http://philopian.com/downloads/dreams cenes/W7DSA.zip

Amazing detail.

The movement immediately reminds me of jellyfish.

Those hexagonal flapping things reminded me of octopi and birds. Odd note aside, I thought this was beautiful, really great work.

This is beautiful it made my day! Thank you!

but i'm not actually so impressed...