Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

wow that was amazing. barely mole of ink, but very amazing
oh, and i like your choice of time

Alldin responds:

Thank you =) haha well what are the odds of that rendertime ;P ^^

Truly awe-inspiring and simply amazing

Unique, original, creative, majestic, mesmerizing, captivating. I was awestruck. I was taken a new world for a brief moment of time. Your animation had me lost in a fantasy land of wonder. The music was very fitting and suited the animation well. It added to the atmosphere of the video and helped in capturing my imagination.
In short: This was fucking awesome.

I love this video. Very creative and the music is perfect for the video. My absolute favorite part is where the floweres are blooming. I hope you make more of these^^

First of all, you are awesome. The animation was charming, it really sent me to this fantasy land made of ink. The music helped. You should keep making more because what you do is awesome. I hae a problem though, it was too short, maybe make one that never ends?(That's how beautiful this is.)