Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

This is gorgeous!

awesome animation alldin!

This is amazing. Looks just like real footage too, I wouldn't think it was actually made from digital particle effects if you hadn't mentioned it, it looks like... I don't know, some of the effects look like grains of colored sand getting brisked away by a breeze, others look like drops of paint in water. The clean white background really makes the particles seem alive. Must've taken a pretty powerful computer to work with 80 million particles? As you say, it's beautiful, and the classical music flows well with the animation. Nice work!


Alldin responds:

Thank you for the feedback !
Indeed it required a powerful computer to render everything.
It was about 69 hours of rendering in total. =)

Simulations does take time ! ^^

Incredibly mesmerizing.... beautiful

Alldin responds:

thank you =)