Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

Really Beautiful. Too Short! :) i'd love to see more, I especially liked the ones that had shapes I could recognize, the flowers and honeycomb bats, made me feel as if I were on a new planet discovering the amazing lifeforms :D

I couldn't imagine anything better! It was so beautiful and majestic to every last detail and the music just tied it all together! This is art and animation at its finest!

Wao, really colorful and beautiful! Great work! I can see that you got talent and potential in this, and it seems to me that it is hard to animate such a great art work animation. P.S the part where the ink was made looking like jellyfish was really beautiful, seem like jellyfish or not, to me real jellyfishes are really beautiful and had seen a lot of great art with it. Therefore, it is a really beautiful animation. Great work! The flowers too!

Wow... That beauty touched my heart.... It was... Magnificent. ^^
Really :D

That was beautiful, a bit boring at times but very beautiful.
You must be really talented to be able to make something like THAT!!!