Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

This art is amazing. I have nothing negative to say about this except for it wasn't long enough, and for what JamesLee said. It ended too abruptly, some change or climax in the music would have set the mood to end in a much better way.
Keep up the good work.

Beautiful work!
Not that I'm complaining, but how the fuck did Newgrounds go from Telletubbies Funland to THIS?
Whatever, great job!

I am absolutely speechless... Make sure to post this on youtube as well!

This was absolutely amazing!

Very beautiful work. Has such a nice mood. When I started watching it I thought you had actually filmed ink, and it wasn't until the crazy camera moves and repeition that I figured it at least had some kind of digital compositing.

The only criticism I have is that is seemed to end a bit ubruptly. Just as it's starting to get really interesting, it fades to white. It feels like it needed one more emotional climax in the music, and a proper musical resolve, to tie it all back in together.

Otherwise, very nice!