Reviews for "Flow: The Beauty of Ink"

Amazing. You can just tell how much work went into this and it really pays off. You should be so proud of this.

@ TharosTheDragon
I get what you're saying. You find that there is nothing magical to be found in a slowed down shot of ink dropping into water. I agree. But this is a little different, it's an animation wich makes it truly art. All the flows of ink you see were created by the artist and were meant to look that way for a reason. Knowing how to appreciate art and the artist is key with this animation. Such as the shot at 00.60 seconds. The ink is moving freely leaving an expanding trail in a vortex pattern. The Backround is white and the dark blue ink contrasts it well. I guess my point to you is to look at things with an open mind and really try to understand what the artist was trying to convey, be it a flash, or a musical piece, or something like this. I think you will have a better understanding of appreciating art. This isn't meant to slander you in any way, just a friendly comment. Great Video make more :)

One thing to say. People should make more video games with ink.

Okay, I'm just gonna be the guy who says I don't get it. It's just a bunch of ink moving around in water for a few minutes. Is there anyone here who hasn't seen this stuff before?

I feel like people are just jumping on the "it's so beautiful" bandwagon. There aren't discernible shapes or patterns or meanings in it. There aren't even different colors. Where is the beauty? Why is a bunch of ink supposed to have a profound effect on us?

What did you do to my head?! You mind fucked it! :') Beautiful.