Reviews for "Ode To Pixel Days"

beautiful. 5/5

Twas a good story. I was captivated by the story, and the game was enjoyable. Hope for more story's like this~

talhakaya responds:

Thanks, very glad you enjoyed it :)

Harika bir nerdeyse ;_; Ayrıca Türk olupda böyle oyunlar yapan görmek çok güzel. 5/5

talhakaya responds:

begendigine cok sevindim, tesekkurler :)

The game is well played, underlined with an answer to the question of teenage life and their desires.
The game design is kept easy yet the message is great and lets the player explore the world of "Hans".
A typical, more ancient than modern german name, which is often depicted as a loser.
Hans gets to learn his different sides and starts to learn more about his abilities and his weaknesses.
The ending yet seems terrifying and projects that it is better off to commit suicide if you are a loser, which certainly may not be what you implied to prjoect.
All in all the game deserves a 4.5/5 for the great effort.
Keep up the good work.

talhakaya responds:

thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment :)

as you might already guessed, I didn't make the ending as if Hans was commiting suicide, it was something different. But I guess I should be fine with your interpretation as well, because it's very frequent!

Thanks for playing and putting some time to write a thoughtful comment!

I'll be honest, I wanted to ragequit so many times. But I'm stubborn and I went through the whole game ~ I'm glad I did, it was actually quite fun and inspirational; it made me feel like there's a little Hans in everyone :)
Thank you for a wonderful game
+ The part where Hans was 'flying' with the music and his other selves was wonderful!

talhakaya responds:

I often get frustrated with a lot of games, so I know how you felt. I wanted to miniize the frustration but as games try to be challenging, they'll be more frustrating. I hope I'll do better in the future!

The flying scene is my favourite, I think it has something special in it. So I'm very happy you enjoyed it. Cheers! :)