Reviews for "Ode To Pixel Days"

well, i like a girl in my school, i havent told she that i like she because im afraid of being rejected, wich i think that will make me feel like hans 5/5 a masterpiece (sorry if i have a bad english)

Truly amazing. This is much more than a game. Its not only about Hans begging for recognition, but there is a greater experience when you play this. You get a sliver of what Hans' life is about, feel sorry for him, and realize this is everyone's life. Though life may be confusing, busying, and conflicting, this game is a reminder to sit down and think. Then using this knowledge, go through life. This is one of the best games I have ever played. Please, continue making games like these. Don't stop!

talhakaya responds:

Wow, thank you very very much. Your words mean a lot, thanks a lot!

You can be sure I'll do my best not to get hit by a truck, and make games all the other times. If you would DM me your mail address (or mailing a "hi" to kayabrosgames@gmail.com ) I would like to save your mail as people I'll give my purchasable game for free when it comes out. Thanks!

Sometimes I feel just like Hans. Not chasing cheerleader, but chasing recognition from people. I do care about how people think, but I don't really want to change myself just because have to ingratiate with them, that is just not... me at all. It is very conflicting. Be yourself will became extremely hard when the real you are not so acceptable for society, but it is not anyone's fault, right? This game really touched me, just like how I feel and how confused I am. And now I am so proud that I am part of the video game industry, as a indie game developer. And I find my own way to express myself, like how this game did. This is really amazing. :')

talhakaya responds:

Wow, thanks for the very nice comment. You're the kind of person I'm making games for, other than self expression and my own ego. As humans, we are born to be confused, and I think it's one of our precious properties that is teaching us about the world, and we should never lose that, even when we are old.

Thanks for the lovely comment. If you send an email to talhakayagames@gmail.com, I'll put you on the list to gift my new purchasable game to when it's out.

i cry every time D:

This is cool i cry here a flooded my pc '-'