Reviews for "Ode To Pixel Days"

vay Tek kelimeyle

talhakaya responds:

tesekkurler :)

boring as a monkey taking a shit (realy boring) great storyline

It is a well written, well designed game. I can say I was touched by the story and enjoyed the clever way it was implemented with the shrinking mechanic. However, I'm not so ready with my praises.

The game falls under the same category as Braid and Dys4ia, in that it does not give the player a chance to easily experience the emotions of the story for themselves. Instead, the story is spoonfed to them through narration. The player has to either personally relate with the story or have a strong sense of empathy to really be affected by the story. It is arguably more important for the game mechanics to reflect or inspire the emotions that the plot intends to evoke, and I just don't really feel like this game did it too well. The final puzzle and confrontation was the worst case of this. The gameplay during that level was just jarring and didn't mesh with the powerful themes that the game was throwing at me while I played through it.

It is possible to have your game tell a story through gameplay instead of words (Limbo didn't need words, did it?), and I feel that is often more effective. There can be a balance between the two (The Company of Myself did this well, especially in one moment), where the gameplay fully reflects the narration, and I see a bit of it here. But it's done a little ham-handedly most of the time, such as Hans stomping on his own "ugliness", and the other times the puzzles don't really correspond to the story.

Let me reiterate, I enjoyed this game. The puzzles are well designed, the writing is clever and humorous at the right times, and I genuinely liked the story. But the the narration is so present and the game so linear, that I feel this leans a more towards interactive story than an actual game.

I hope my review doesn't offend, and I hope you continue making games in the future! :)

talhakaya responds:

thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I can easily say that I agree, sadly. I'm trying to find better ways of incorporating the story to gameplay for my future games. I'm not really fine with the puzzles in this game, it still feels like forced challenges to me, not very much to do with story at all. I've tried my best to actually give some meanings to the puzzles through narration, yet it's not enough.

I don't think Limbo had a proper story, it was too vague for my taste, even though it's a fantastic game. It just didn't need a proper story to back the game. Like QUBE. If you want a proper story told without words, look out for the upcoming game, Monochroma. Although it's early to tell, I think they will do it well.

Company of Myself did storytelling perfectly. Hotline Miami did pretty good. I hope I'll do it good one day, I'm definitely working on it. Thanks a lot for the very kind comment, glad you enjoyed the game :)

Amazing game, loved the story and the meaning behind it.
Had a few problems playing, like when a box fell on me, I didn't die and got stuck. But overall, loved it.

talhakaya responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :) and sorry for the bug :/

Such an awesome game and tells a fantastic little story. These are the games I come here for, these are the experiences i desire most out of these games.

talhakaya responds:

thanks man, means a lot :)