Reviews for "Ode To Pixel Days"

Makes my cry...

talhakaya responds:

glad it was meaningful to you :)

Lemme say this: I HATE ALL PIXEL GAMES. The Idea was used up wayyyy to much and had turned the entire genre into pure shit, to the point of making the characters looking like lines and complain how they slaved doing the art. THEY WERE FUCKING 8 BIT BOXES. But... yours wasnt too bad. The enmy AI could have been better tough, but it did bring me back to the legend of zombies ate my neighbors.

talhakaya responds:

I make pixel-art for two reasons. 1st is I'm ashamably bad at vector art, yet :( The second is I love squares! Glad you enjoyed it :)

A very good game. The strory was touching, profound, and powerful.

talhakaya responds:

thank you, glad you liked it :)

I liked the game, simple and fun to play, not too difficult, but not too easy to wonder why I'm playing it in the first place. I have a love hate relationship with the story, only because I've never been in Hans position, and that's only because I learned pass that lesson before it could happen to me (plus I'm female, so maybe there is a double standard here? However, I've hear there is an equal amount of females who go through these types of problems).
Try looking at it this way, kids, why do you like that beautiful popular person? If it's because they are beautiful and popular, then can you really fault them for wanting someone who's also beautiful and popular? If you want to be liked by the beautiful and popular, then become beautiful and popular, if you feel that is unfair, and they're horrible for not liking you how you are, then you shouldn't be so shallow as to like THEM because they are "beautiful and popular".
Also, look at it this way, say you're "ugly" and unpopular, you're not crazy enough to think every single person around you is "pretty" and popular? Why don't you give the "Ugly" people a chance, and try asking them out? They feel just as lonely as you do, but no, you want the most beautiful, popular, rich person in the world.

Sound advice is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and looking at someone for their personality and their skills can make their physical appearance all the more beautiful; why do you think popular people are "instantly attractive"? Because they have the skills and hopefully the personality to make them beautiful (if they're all jerk-faces, then shame on you for liking them). Try building your skills and personality, it would certainly make you more attractive, but also set your standards higher than the mountains, but lower than fantasy, please.

talhakaya responds:

You're right about the relationship of Hans with the cheerleader. I tried to tell that in game, saying "She's just a confused child, just like you."

If I was one to give relationship advice, I'd say only date a close friend who is also interested in you.

Thanks for your lovely comment!

The struggle of a youngster trying to be accepted by our society standards. While playing it reminded me of an episode of Johnny Bravo (Bravo, James Bravo), in which a cientist named Pencilneck wants to use a machine named The Lookalikeanator or somethingamading to make everybody in the Earth like him. In what they call "horrible, but sadly very politically correct".