Reviews for "Ode To Pixel Days"

pretty deep for a little game, but i really enjoyed it

Really emotional game, i identified myself with Hans hahahaha, i almost cried at the end. I have only one question: What happened in the end? when its all black and white?

Hans, she's just not that into you. She's judging you for being ugly? You're only into her because she is beautiful. You mess with people's lives just to force something that's not there and when you finally get what you want, it isn't good enough. You're really just a creeper and a hypocrite and your twisted moral compass is going to drive you even more mental than you already are.

Fun game!

Author , you should make a new games about highschool life RPG.Your game is so fun ^^ I support you 100%

the gameplay was flawless and the story was too. I like the idea of a boy that can change the world as we know it. it seems interesting to me. and also you feel like your in this story. the way the narrator speaks. and I feel worried and sad for the girl that wants to be different. all u can say is 10/10