Reviews for "Bearbarians"

I love this game.
good job

Fun game. I liked all the stages, game modes, and classes. I feel like each class worked well with all game modes and I think a neat idea would be instead of everyone having a gun, each class would get their own secondary move like the Scout having a smoke bomb, the Brute having some sort of charge move, the Medic having a tower he can place so when people go by it it heals them, and maybe just have the Mage stay the same except he shoots ice instead of fire and it freezes them. But hey, that's just my opinion, anyway great game, it's going in the favs for sure.


Omg !!!!!I'm staying at this game for 3 hours playing on and on ...okay man great job !!!!!;)

xD Cool game although you'll be really powerful if you go mage and then just add up the range damage, you'll deal DPS like CRAZY