Reviews for "Bearbarians"


YuP Liked It... xD

Awesome game, nice avatars and mage is probably the best class. Would be 5 stars but lags, really long to lvl up and wish there were penguins. I would highly recommend this game.

This is such a great game. I like the cute graphics and the overall variety you have there (different animals, weapons, armor, settings and so on). Also the combat system's quite funny. I prefered playing as a mage, as the fire balls were pretty powerful and the teleport ability's sweet as well (you can't even fall from the platforms at this rate).
However, it gets pretty laggy, if you're playing for a longer time and double jump would have been nice, too. Also it was a little annoying that you as a player can't have different equip for different classes.

Man I love this game so much! The combat is fun, the game modes, the different types of animals you can be. And the enemies actually have some kind of intelligence rather than being super easy to kill. Great game!