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Reviews for ""Charge of life" (Dubstep)"

Awsome! the drop was like an Explotion. one question tho. Can i use this in a youtube intro? I'l ofcoure link to the song in the description of all videos. its an awsome song for intro's and outro's.

Gujit responds:

Thanks, Yes you can use it ..

I like the song, I really do....

But as so many dubstep songs do, the wubs are over-powering the rest of the music. The style of your song really suggests that it's a cross-genre type, which really shouldn't have the wubs that strong, in my opinion. They work, and they do fit, but they're just a tad bit too loud. It should blend with the whole thing, not drown it out. Try turning the dub portion down a few decibels and see what you think.