Reviews for "Valentine's Day! - 2013"


oh gosh bane! chocolate bats! I LOVE YOU~ <3

ohahahahaha its funny cuz its bane and batman and they are valentining loL!!!! and and and then batman says "I LOVE YOU" maaaaan hahahahahahahah@!!@@!!@!@ i lost my shit and then that crazy new song everybody's listenin to was at the end and they danced 2 it!!! ROFL!!!! Seriously, quit pandering, because that is the "bane" of originality and development as an artistic community!

ThePivotsXXD responds:

Alright. I won't animate any more Batman cartoons, just for you! <3

Haha, Awesome. xD

I gave it an extra .5 for the Harlem Shake at the end. And this is totally unrelated, but your name reminds me of YouTube's PivotMasterXD.