Reviews for "Valentine's Day! - 2013"

LOLZ that funny maybe make a second part.

to be honest, I thought this was going to be really dumb...wih how cute the characters were and all...but actually, I enjoy the random stuff in it, like Batman whittling or the harlem shake at the end.

The voices were hilarious, too! I especially love "little....chocolate...bats" and banes voice overall.

smooth animation, clean lines, good colors, great humor. 5/5

Well, its funny. It's cute. It has high quality audio and voice. But it's short and stupid.
While we all know Joker is a psychopathic pervert who loves batman as much as he hates him, Bane is a random character meant to look like a giant meathead and behave like a civil bastard. Bane and his creators doesn't make his persona perfect for this, and the voices don't help. It's like two really old gay men.
Well, good try for valentine's day, this is something I laughed at, it was that good it touched my funny bone.

ThePivotsXXD responds:

So you hat this cartoon cause I didn't use Joker? But yet you laughed at it?

Just for song you miss on the stars good day sir

Good joke, but didn't do enough with it.

You lose a star for the Harlem Shake, just stop, seriously.