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Reviews for "Battle Cave"

Great game, really like it! Great design.

the game lacks diverse boss skills, and diverse monsters but still its a great game.

good game

While it was fun and the graphics we're good, the gameplay was boring. It was also repetitive. Run through swing swing swing run...Sit and slash at bosss..Alright next level! It's worth a play, but don't expect anything too fancy.

This is almost a fun game ... I had one moment of joy on level 7 where I was really low on hit points coming into the level and I actually had to develop a run/jump/slash strategy to get past the boss (rather than the stand next to the boss and whack the space bar repeatedly "strategy" that got me through levels 1-6.) I came close to beating him, but failed. Then, I hit the pause button to get a beverage, resumed and the game froze, so I restarted and then level 7 was really easy because I was starting with 100 HP rather than the low amount I was starting with before. SO, point being ... this would be a fun game if the difficulty were higher! Letting people just stand next to the boss and hit the spacebar mindlessly is not the way to make a fun game. I think the player should start each level with a set number of HP, regardless of how many HP you have leaving the previous level. That way, you could more accurately control how difficult/easy each level is ... and/or give the boss some kind of attack that he can only do if the player is standing at close range for more than a moment.

Anyway, the graphics are good, the music is also very good (but you don't say who made it...?) and it would be a fun game if you could make the challenge higher and also if there was any difference between the bosses besides physical appearance/name/how many HP you lose when they hit you.