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Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Addicting game =D nothing too much easy nor hard, love it =D Have to think before yours actions haha!

Great game, great music, great graphic, great everything. Oh yeah, great story and ending too, I learned about healthy diet and handling sharp things responsibly ;)

At some point I was going to review it "gg easy" and the next room totally owned me.. then it started to get really interesting. Too bad I couldn't get all the fruits, 2 were impossible for me.
And now to the spoilers: SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!!!

About these "combos", I guess its just all about that if you push a crate into the wrong direction or if you miss a skilljump, you must start the level all over again. This can be painful with some levels, but supermeatboy is waaay worse xD

Make some button to return to the menu, all I could do was hit R but if I wanted to replay a level without finishing the game or if I wanted to reset the time trial I had to F5 my browser.

JonBro responds:

Q returns you to the main menu screen. That's mentioned on the menu, but I didn't make that especially clear in the game itself. Sorry about that. I'm quite happy you liked it, though!

The game is quite challenging if you want to try and get all of the grapefruits which I like very much.

If you try to get all the grapefruits, the game becames very challenging!
5 stars!

this kinda reminds me of slender

JonBro responds:

Huh! That's an interesting comparison. I'm not a big fan of Slender, but I can admit to being inspired by the concept of it. I just didn't think any of my inspiration came through in this game. That gives me things to think about.