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Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Is there a reason for GOV being GOV? Like hinting to the governments? Or just a coincidence?

JonBro responds:

Hm... kinda both. GOV was planned at one point to be based more closely around the government, but the storyline changed several times while I was working on the game.

So what you're fucking telling me here is I played this entire game for a really bad fucking pun? God DAMN YOU.

All I can say is WOW! that was amazing! At first I thought it was the typical puzzle game that is fun to play but with a usual negligible and uninteresting background story, But after escaping the "final" mission. The game's aura suddenly changed which caught me off guard and was something really unexpected in a game like this. The shift made me creep out a bit, something I've only felt while playing the Silent hill, wherein the atmosphere changed drastically from a normal atmosphere to something dark and creepy. It's amazing how a simple flash game like this can successfully pull out a stunt like that, it was really fantastic. This game was definitely worth my time.

Original and some levels were challenging but not impossible. Great play overall.

Haha! LOL ending!