Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Very good!, I would say is a flawless game, not only entertaining but with a good story to follow.
The expert rooms were not so hard, I had more troubles with others, and the most difficult task was to get all the grapefruits.
I hope to play another game from you.

Nice game. The graphics are crisp and pixelish, and the game itself is easy to play, with dead simple controls and clear level layouts, though it does get more challenging as it goes along. Wall and background textures have some interesting patterns, and overall it feels very retro and crispy, all with custom sprites too, I like games like this. The oldskool music fits right in . Nice work!


Bravo! One of the best games on Newgrounds, for sure. I loved all of it, but some of the medals appear to be a bit glitchy, in particular the "bad ending" one? Either way, a great game, please make a sequel!

JonBro responds:

I tested all the medals but they don't seem to be showing up properly for everyone. I heard this is a Newgrounds-based error so there might not be a lot I can do about it. But thank you, I really appreciate it!

Simply perfect. Not too much story, not too complicated, and plenty of 'ah HA!' moments when you finally solve a puzzle. Do release the loop for the main menu at some point, it is equally as good as the other 2 tracks and goes flawlessly with the game, beaten or just beginning.

Awesome Game. Got all medals except 2. Haven't done the time trail because I am not a fan of such mechanic(unless speed is the main mechanic) and the other as Expert room 2 is truly for experts. The mechanics of Life & Death made this puzzle platformer great. The Logs also made the story stick. Simple controls.

One part that bugged me was the way boxes stuck on top of each other. It was harder to make sense when you are used to boxes separating when the bottom box is pushed. Once used to the mechanic it was good.