Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Just finished it, Loved it. Got super creeped out at the start of the second part. The atmosphere was really good, the ending could have been a bit better. But who am I to criticize your personal style? You pick what's best to you, and that's pretty much what keeps things unique. I guess I was hoping for a more mysterious or creepy conclusion. Though I didn't get a bad ending so maybe I missed one.

Anyway, Thanks for the two hours of riveting puzzling, Some of that stuff was pretty devious. The music was top shelf too. Looking forward to your next game.

I Just love the whole game. The real puzzle in everything is always just figuring out how to get the grapefruit. Besides all that I just gotta say that the music later in the game is just perfect with the ominous setting.

JonBro responds:

I've now added the music from the game's later levels to the Audio Portal, if that's interesting. It's credited on the left side of the page as "[Revive] - Obtrusion".

Thank you very much for the supportive words, it means a lot!

Solid game and storyline was fitting. Great stuff.

i loved this game ^w^

it is hard in some levels, and a real challenge, very very fun and a catching plot, and awesome endings

make more, this is awesome!

An awesome game, really enjoyed it, especially with the added challenge of collecting all the grapefruit! However, I have to admit that the review below me is a bit strange. Is supergandhi64 trolling or being plain stupid? Look forward to seeing more games like this in the future!