Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

HOW ON EARTH can you get the grapefruit on room 12 !!???!?!?!?
Fucking impossible!

The puzzles had me thinking a few minutes, but they were beatable, good for occasional players.
I did not expect the story to get this deep because there was little to no text in the middle of the game.
Nevertheless I liked the outcome. That was a different way of telling a story

Tell this story to your kids and they might never eat sweets again :-P

Wow, this was a really good game! From the art to the mechanics to the story, I can't see any way to make this better. The only thing I'd like is a way to travel back to previous levels. I ALMOST collected all the grapefruits! 18/19!

JonBro responds:

You could press Q and enter a level in the level select. Whichever level you didn't collect a grapefruit in will be the one without an orange check mark in it. Thanks for the review!

Really great game, I love the atmosphere and the puzzles were really challenging.

I like how the music is sped up in time trial mode.