Reviews for "Bubble Sky"

I'm a big fan of bubble games, I mean I just to love playing them in the arcade. Yet this game really doesn't bring anything new to that. I feel that the delay in the bubbles popping is a bit annoying. I hate the music choice. You should also consider using space or some other button to change between bubbles. I would consider bringing some powerups, using different themes for different stages and incorporating challenges or powerups into those themes (i.e: a machine/steampunk theme with metal beams that cannot be destroyed so that the player must shoot around them. Ice theme in which certain bubbles need to be popped twice...etc)

I believe it's fair to give 2.5 and the reason in all is; You shoot bubbles, bubbles pop and repeat and every game developer use the same trick (nothing new, nothing cool). If there's special version out there it would be best like much better graphic and special extras

Simple game with thousands of times used idea and mechanics. Nothing new and you won't play it again after several tries. However it can take 5 or 10 minutes of your free time. Unimpressive music and sounds.

This is a fun game, so smooth and simple. The ballon physics make them seem so easily poppable, and the popping effects when you do hit is a nice one, soft and ambient, it's a traditional concept with a new theme, and one that's a lot more harmonious than the regular ones. It's a bit dimensional as well with the ball of balloons instead of just a wall. Nice work!


It's a decent enough game, though there is one particularly confusing bit of programming that I can't understand the purpose of. You have it so that you end up getting more balls to appear by shooting quickly, effectively punishing any players that are good enough to not need the shot guide or are quick enough to not need to wait for the arrow to fully form. Why in the world does this exist as a feature?

What this does is turn the game into something that rewards slow play and offers no incentive for a player to get faster on their own. Granted this might be a mistake with your programming, where your code is checking to see if a shot results in destroying balls, yet shooting again before the balls are actually destroyed subverts the check and results in the bar on top decreasing when it shouldn't. Regardless, this should be changed for an overall better experience.