Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

Not hard at all, but very good! 5 stars!

For I Nylock liking this game, i will rate it 5.

Dude, this is one of the most awesome games I have ever played in my entire life! I simply can not put the mouse and keyboard down to play something else! I think the strongest thing here was how good the graphics were. Everything was just wonderfully laid out so perfectly. There were an endless number of upgrades and other crazy stuff going on. Dang, did it get longer the more it went on.

I have been playing this thing for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. I simply can't stop getting more upgrades and fighting more enemies! The music is fantastic as well, not to mention the story isn't that bad. I may in fact be more addicted to this game than any other game I've played here. I love the variety of people you can choose from and their unique weapons. Make this the #1 submission of all time!

IriySoft responds:

Thanks! %)

okay I beat the game and here are some observations I hope help. Josh is very good to have in the party but not so much as a party leader, he is a monster with Erica as leader. Erica is the best party leader, all her skills are helpful her attack is great and she is hard to kill. Selene, again very helpful to have in the party not so much to lead the party she is a powerful healer but her attack sucks. These three make up the best group I think. Glen is good too though his attack is slow but powerful, and heat seeking. Ray is useless save for his skill that increases weapon upgrade drops,do not make him party leader. Good luck all

good game, but a question. do party members have to be in the three you pick to have their group skills work