Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

MOGARRIN???!!! REALLY?!?!? LIKE...... REALLY?!?!?! :DDD

My favorite team is what I affectionately call the Howling Wind team. It consists of Glenn (leader), Selena and Ray. The essential combo here is between Glenn's Ice Vortex (Tornado specced to last 10 seconds) and Selena's Bloodlust, fully upgraded.

Ice Vortex lasts a long time and quickly mows down anything near you. Bloodlust ensures that, when facing massive hordes, YOUR SUPER BAR REFILLS FASTER THAN ICE VORTEX RUNS OUT, so enemies that get near you constantly face a whirling death field. This team completely shuts down even hordes of necromancers, as they all rely on projectiles (negated) and swarms of minions (who die easily and serve to feed Bloodlust). Just be careful with strong enemies like werewolves, keep a minimal distance from those and you should be fine since Ice Vortex range is longer than melee. Ray is not crucial in this combo, but I keep him around for the weapon drops, feel free to replace him with whoever.

Pretty awesome game overall!

great game worth my time i played for 4 hours cause i only wanted to upgrade my skills


Great game! Similar to your typical top-down vertical shooter, but instead of controlling airplanes or space ships or dragons or whatever, you have fantasy medieval RPG characters. You have a band of up to 3, of which you can pick from up to 5 characters that join the band as the story progresses.
Each character has their own individual abilities, from their start-out attack to the additional abilities and upgrades that unlock as they gain experience levels.
Also, you designate one character as the leader of the band, and each character has their special leadership abilities become active.
The game doesn't feel inherently grindy, although I believe some grinding is required - I don't think you can play through each level on one try, but feel free to try to prove me wrong! The point is that the little bit of grinding that is required is actually fun because it gives you a chance to try out different combinations of characters and leaders for your band, to see what best suits the particular level and your particular play style.
All in all - great, fun game. 5 Stars!

And for something similar but completely different, try Road of Heroes, also by IriySoft: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/695588