Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

Very good game.

But what's Discipline?

IriySoft responds:

It gives bonus to fire rate.


This game was pretty fun. My only real complaint (apart from the poorly written dialogue) is the extremely long and tedious grind to level 15 required for medal-hunters such as myself. And of course once you've got all the other medals, the final boss is a joke.

its so cool

It is a fun game. I like the team customization, level ups, and upgrades. The art is pretty good too. So, overall: the game is great! It's a fun way to pass a little time.

Now, the things you should probably work on:
1. Grammar and spelling: A quick proofread would have saved a number of errors. I'm not sure if the inappropriately dressed witch is named Selene or Selena, as it is spelled both ways throughout. I noticed a few other minor grammar mistakes, but I don't remember them exactly enough to point them out in detail. (I remember the kid with gun saying something that didn't make sense in the end. Something along the lines of "bags all the pipes are mine.")
2. The story/dialog: For the game being so pretty and fun, the story was really weak. The characters just sort of tagged up randomly. It wasn't the worst I have ever seen, but it was shallow. Luckily the game play really does make up for the shallow back story.
3. Is this a kids game? I noticed at least one swear word, and the inappropriately dressed witch. There's no need to expose children to that! That might just be me being a snob though, so I suppose you can ignore that. :P

Thanks for the good time!